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How To Live The Life YOU Want

If you’re anything like me, you want it all...

1. You want to improve your health.

2. You want to never worry about money again. 

3. You want to travel around the world. Experience humanity. Experience Earth.

4. You want to connect with your loved ones.

5. You want purpose and ultimate understanding.

But how can you make sure you do all of this with the limited of time we have on this earth?

I Wanted It All...

-I wanted to be rich but I didn’t want to neglect my health.

-I wanted to be athletic but I didn't want my education to suffer.

-I wanted to connect with god but not be some irrational religious fanatic.

I wanted to live an optimized balanced life where all aspects worked together for the best result.

After 7 years of finding the answers...

Going to places not many have travelled to...

Being in situations not many have experienced...

Going through most of the self development, productivity, and success programs...

Learning from the top people I can find in various fields... 

I created The Life Treasure Map.

A simple and easy to use system to get the results that YOU want.

If you’re a hacker...
Think of it an open source code to build your life off of.

If you’re a gamer...
Think of it as your scoring and tracking system to the ultimate open-world video game: Your Life.

If you’re an athlete...
Think of it as the winning game plans.

Think of it as your Life Treasure Map.

In this system you will get....

1. A goal setting guidebook for every aspect of your life. 

    -Learn how to write down every goal you've ever had in the most organized way!

   -Learn the techniques to make your goals more likely to happen. Make your dreams a reality!

2. A Life Treasure Map Template to implement what you learn in the guidebook with questions that will get you thinking about your future.

3. A Mastery Guide to dialing your internal clock so you never want to procrastinate again.

    -No procrastination video on YouTube will put things into perspective like this!

I'm Trent Duplock and I've done a lot with my life already.

I’ve sold over a million dollars in motorcycle and scooter sales.

I’ve sold 6 figures in various other products.

I saw all the electronic DJ’s I wanted to see. (it was a priority at the time)

I’ve met champions in competitive endeavors I partake in.

I've connected with some of the prettiest and coolest girls I know and

stayed pretty fit throughout my life.

While having the occasional toke and drink.

Living life to the fullest and
improving everyday!

 I've been working like a madman scientist to create The Life Treasure Map for the past 3 years.

and been seriously implementing this program for the past year and seen DRAMATIC RESULTS.

This program can save you thousands of dollars.

Avoid Mistakes.

How much is your time worth per hour? 
This program will save you a lot of hours doing the wrong things.

That could be worth $250, $2,500, $250,000, or even $2,500,000 to you.

It all depends on how you use it.

I could package this and market in a way that it cost $250 or $2,500.

But I wanted this to be accessible to everyone.

If you can afford a movie date for two...

If you can afford an eighth of weed...

If you can afford a case of beer...

You will be able to afford this.

Because I'm only charging $25 for it.

I’m so confident in this system that I offer a 90 day money back guarantee no questions asked.

If you are using this and aren't seeing serious results within 90 days, let me know!

I’m not worried about someone benefiting from my program and asking for a refund anyway.

To me, it’s worth $25 to know who is not honest so I can never work with them again.

I want to work with people who understand that we're all in this together 

and want to make a better reality for themselves and others around them. :)

Trent Duplock

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If you are unhappy for any reason, let us know!

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